What date does Surf Camp start?

June 19, 2017

What is the difference between Surf Camp and Surf School?

Surf School is an extended session for students who want to surf beyond the 2 hours of camp.  Those enrolled in Surf School still participate in camp, but have an additional session to perfect their technique!

Is there an age limit for camp?

As long as you can swim, you can learn to surf!  Our students are grouped with instructors based on age and experience level.  Younger, less experienced campers start in shallow water and smaller waves, and have a lower student to instructor ratio.  More experienced campers can work their way into more challenging conditions with instruction geared towards high performance surfing.

How far in advance do I need to reserve a spot in Surf Camp?

We accept reservations up until the day of camp.  Booking one to two weeks in advance is recommended for the month of July or for groups of 4 or more.

Do you provide wetsuits?

We have a full range of wetsuits available at no cost, but cannot guarantee availability due to unpredictable sizing demands.  We are able to accommodate all of our students most days, but we recommend bringing your own wetsuit if possible.

Do I need to bring a surfboard?

No, surfboards for all skill levels are provided!

The Elemental Surf Camp


1ST Beach SURF CAMP   – $30/DAY – 9AM-11AM M-F 

2ND Beach SURF CAMP   – $30/DAY – 9AM-11AM M-F